Giving Back to Society

Heveya Eco-bedroom
Besides making super comfortable mattresses from organic latex and other bedding products from good-for-the-earth sustainable materials, European Bedding also focuses on giving back.
Care for the people and the environment
Our Managing Director, Stefan Magnus, has a passion for the environment, which initially drove him to source latex from an organically certified plantation. "We wanted our supplier to be carbon neutral certified with a Fairtrade certificate. Now, all of our products have an eco-friendly aspect (organic, carbon neutral, sustainable and FSC certified). But we also looked to see how we could make a difference from a local level. So, when our clients receive a new mattress from us, we encourage them to responsibly recycle their old one."
Sumba hotel school
Help for Sumba
In addition to providing good products and services to our customers, we also want to contribute to a charity organisation that we could truly connect with. After meeting with the founder of the Sumba Hospitality Foundation (SHF), Inge De Lathauwer, Stefan realised SHF was ideal. “I was inspired by Inge’s dedication, vision and determination.” The Sumba Hospitality Foundation has a mission to help the eastern Indonesian island of Sumba to grow as a sustainable tourism development, which involves the local people, protects the environment and showcases the natural beauty of the island. The SHF has a full boarding permaculture school and a green hotel school for underprivileged Sumbanese youth. It provides students with a vocational education, focusing on practical skills in a nurturing environment, while also raising awareness of their cultural identity.
SHF values matched Okooko by European Bedding perfectly. “We also liked the fact that sponsoring individual students created a personal connection that allowed us, and ultimately our customers, to see the results of the fundraising.” European Bedding sponsors two students to attend the school, who regularly send letters and pictures documenting their progress. “We love hearing about what they’ve learnt, their activities, and their family and friends. They’re always so appreciative. We’re looking forward to going to Sumba to meet them towards the end of the school year.”
Letters from sponsored students
The Happy Mattress Project
We are also honoured and proud to have Heveya® to be the official sponsor of the Happy Mattress Project. Together with Karma House and Yogi Lab, we host a 100% charity-based summit for a chance for underprivileged kids in Bali to enjoy the benefit of good sleep they didn't have! 
It's a sad fact that many families can't afford beds for their children. Thousands of children in Bali are sleeping on the hard floor, with their families struggling to pay for food; let alone a comfortable bed. Children who get little sleep are more likely to have behavioral problems and difficulty rising up to their full potential. This campaign is all about ensuring underprivileged kids of Bali also get to enjoy the many benefits of a good night's sleep!
All proceeds go toward helping the mission to get 333 Beds in 33 Days! 
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The Happy Mattress Project

Rest with peace of mind. When you buy a bedding product from us, you are investing in a better life – not just for yourselves but also for others and the environment.