Okooko & European Bedding

Okooko was founded in Hong Kong by Rochelle Le Pine, back in 2006. From the beginning, the Okooko experience was all about sleep-systems that were kind to the body, gentle on the earth and appealing to the eye. ‘Okooko’ namely is an old Maori saying, which means ‘to cradle in arms’.
In 2018, Okooko and European Bedding, a Singapore based Sleep Studio and advocate of all things natural, decided to join hands, as they both share the same passion: promoting high quality mattresses and bed frames that are produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Both companies were convinced by the value proposition of Heveya’s Natural Organic Latex mattresses from the start.
If this is not exciting enough already, we are also moving to town! From June ‘18 onwards, The Okooko by European Bedding showroom moves from Horizon Plaza to The Plaza in Central.
We welcome you to come and try out our mattresses in the peace of our new Sleep Studio.
European bedding showroom in Hong Kong